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The Tall Tales RP is a server-based roleplaying game set in the world of Tall Tales and created by Tim McLaughlin and Griz. It uses an original roleplaying system with influences from the open server-based RP style, the d20 system at large, Monte Cook's World of Darkness specifically, and the storyteller system used by White Wolf games.

Game Premise[]

The game takes place in and around Sharon, Pennsylvania, and unless stated otherwise is assumed to happen in the same present as the players. Players create characters to populate the setting and create scenes through their interactions with each other and the setting. These characters can be any one of 10 playable 'natures,' which correspond to species used throughout this wiki.

While characters from Tall Tales are present in the world of the roleplay and may make appearances in game, they are playable only by Admins. The characters created by players are officially considered deuterocanonical, meaning that their existence and actions can be considered canon within the world of the story unless they are ruled otherwise or directly contradict claims made within the official Tall Tales canon.


The game was launched in August 2021.

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