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Elizabeth Kline was an activist in Erie, Pennsylvania in the 1950s-70s. She was married to Jeremiah Matteson and mother to Henry Matteson. After being falsely accused of conspiring with Jeremiah to kill a white man, she and Henry moved to Sharon, Pennsylvania, where she gave Henry the tools to begin hunting Jeremiah.

Character Biography[]

Elizabeth grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania, in the mid-twentieth century. She was involved in political activism and had some connection to the Black Panthers[1]. She was already a known activist when she met Jeremiah in the late 1950s, and drew him into her work and community. They were married in 1961[2], and had their only son, Henry, in 1963[3].

When Jeremiah killed a door-to-door salesman in 1974 and vanished[1], Elizabeth was accused of conspiring with Jeremiah in the death. She was ultimately found not guilty, but the ordeal made her a target and a liability to her community, so she and Henry moved south to Sharon[4]. There, she built a library in their basement to house Jeremiah's books on the supernatural as a gift to Henry, which he then began to use to hunt and attack Jeremiah. While Elizabeth was not initially active in or aware of Henry's activities[5], when she was made aware of them, she showed no interest in stopping him[6].

It is unclear when Elizabeth died, but she lived long enough that John Matteson remembers spending multiple Christmases with her[7]. She is presumably already dead when John's story begins in 2004.