Henry Matteson is a human character in Tall Tales. He is the father of John Matteson and an associate of Tadzio García and Benedict de Monte.

Biography Edit

Very little has been revealed about Henry's life so far. He has been stated to own a sizable occult library, some of which he inherited from his grandmother, Joanna. His primary role in the story seems to revolve around this library and his personal research, though he did tell Benedict that his work with Tadzio was only mostly academic and that they had met while Henry was doing fieldwork concerning the nephil child of a water spirit.

He is divorced, and the timeline given by Benedict suggests this occurred somewhere in the middle or end of 1990.

Abilities Edit

Magical Abilities Edit

Henry has not been shown to have any magical abilities.

Mundane Abilities Edit

  • Occult Knowledge: Henry has an occult library and is considered a valuable resource of information by other characters.
  • Languages: Henry has been shown to speak German and read Sanskrit.
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