Jacqueline Sofia Veracruz is a mage and the author of the blog Over the Hedge.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Jackie was taught traditional folk magic from a young age by her grandmother. She continued to practice these rituals, but expanded her studies to include other sources of magical knowledge. In 2002, she caught the attention of Hekate and accepted the goddess' offer to train her.

"Born of Water" Edit

Jackie moved into an apartment with a group of assorted pagans in August 2004, and quickly became aware of a ghost occupying the upstairs bathroom. She attempted contact multiple times, finally succeeding in October. Shortly thereafter, John Matteson came to visit her roommate, Jacob Tierney, and John and Jackie began discussing the paranormal.

They began working out an idea for helping the ghost of Alethea Bilson, who was trapped haunting the bathroom of the apartment where Jackie and Jacob lived. Before they could carry anything out, however, Alethea possessed Jackie through Jackie's standing promise to help. While Alethea attempted to use Jackie's body to seduce John, Jackie was able to alter the runes in John's book and ensure the success of the exorcism.

Abilities Edit

Known Magical Abilities Edit

  • Commune with the dead
  • See into metaphysical realm
  • Astral projection
  • Enter and manipulate dreams
  • Exorcism
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