Jonathan Peter Matteson is an Anchor and the author of the blog Matteson, P.I.

Biography Edit

Before "Born of Water" Edit

In March 2001, John was cursed after breaking a focusing crystal. This resulted in the Behemoth following him around, which John exorcised with a ritual he found in Henry's study.

"Born of Water" Edit

This is an overview of John's involvement in the story. For the full article, please see Born of Water

In October 2004, John traveled to Chicago to stay with his friend Jacob Tierney. There he met Jackie Veracruz, who was sharing an apartment with Jacob and a number of other people. Together, he and Jackie investigated the ghost of Alethea Bilson, who possessed Jackie and attempted to produce a child with John. John and Jackie worked together to stop Alethea and sever her tie to the apartment, but failed to properly exorcise her.

During a conversation about spiritual forces, John summarized the events of "Land of Goshen" and showed her his necklace with the vial of sand labeled Abe. He also confirmed that Joanna Wozniak and Aaboukingon Matteson were his great-grandparents.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Paranormal Abilities Edit

As an Anchor, John has the following traits:

  • Immunity to magic
  • Ability to counter magic actively and passively
  • Ability to see into the metaphysical realm

Natural Skills Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In "Born of Water," Jackie suggested that John was asexual. He neither confirmed nor denied the claim, and has not as yet revisited the idea in canon.
  • In a worldbuilding blog post, Tim McLaughlin stated that John Matteson was the first character developed for Tall Tales and that the entire story grew from one scene featuring him, which has since been dropped from the story.
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