Matteson: P.I. is the in-world blog run by John Matteson. It is one of the primary story blogs and updates on Thursdays. It can be read here.


Matteson: P.I. exists in the world of Tall Tales and serves as John's personal blog, which means it may be read by other characters. As such, it is not strictly focused on the larger plot of the world, but includes occasional one-off posts of John's daily life. Even posts that are part of a larger story arc may focus on details that are interesting to John but not as important to the actual plot. Posts on this blog are told as John remembers them.


The blog includes all or part of these stories:

Story Arcs

  1. Born of Water

One Shot Stories

  1. Behemoth
  2. Arrival
  3. Nailed Him to the Perch
  4. Checking In
  5. Hogback
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