Tall Tales is both the name of the larger project and the name of the blog written by the Narrator. It is one of the primary story blogs and updates on Sundays. It can be read here.

Characteristics Edit

The narrator blog does not exist in-world and therefore cannot be read by other characters. However, since the blog does sometimes use records that exist in-world, other characters may have access to the same information. This use of existing records means that the narrator blog does not have a single author, but more of a curator who occasionally includes their own writing. The blog occasionally includes portions of stories from other blogs, adding information that is not available to the other blog authors but important for readers to know. The focus of the blog is almost entirely centered on the larger plot of Tall Tales.

Stories Edit

The blog includes all or part of these stories:

Story Arcs Edit

  1. Land of Goshen
  2. Born of Water
  3. The Fall
  4. Power in the Blood
  5. Valley of Dry Bones

One-Shot Stories Edit

  1. The Venusberg
  2. The Devil's Church
  3. The Spanish Swordsman
  4. Trespasser
  5. The Ravens
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