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Tidh Connelly was a privateer captain in the British Royal Navy in the late 1600s. He and his ship went rogue hunting a vessel called The Heretic Wind and came to be classified as pirates. This hunt ultimately destroyed his ship and crew, but Tidh returned as an agent of The Deep, destroying ships in the Bermuda Triangle.

Character Biography[]

Tidh grew up in Ireland, but by the time of Cromwell's invasion of the nation he had joined the British Royal Navy[1]. He was still a crewman when he met Ingrid in late 1683 in Kirkwall[1]. He and Ingrid had a fast romance, and she joined the ship he was serving on only two days later after proving her usefulness to the captain[2].

In May 1685, Tidh was promoted to captain of his ship, now working in the Caribbean and splitting time between privateering for the British crown and escorting valuable shipments. He and Ingrid married shortly thereafter[3]. This marriage lasted in this form for three years, until Ingrid left to join Lambert on the Heretic Wind. Between the loss of Ingrid and the death of members of his crew, Tidh swore vengeance and began hunting Lambert to the exclusion of all other pursuits[4]. By ignoring the orders of the British crown and attacking ships across the Caribbean, Tidh and his crew were labeled as pirates and considered to be operating a stolen ship[5].

This hunt came to an end in November 1694, when Tidh's ship managed to trap and ambush the Heretic Wind[6]. This led to a violent confrontation, in which Lambert died[7], the Heretic Wind was disabled, Tidh's ship was sunk, and Tidh presumably drowned[8]. Driven by his rage, Tidh accepted an offer from The Deep to return to the surface and continue hunting Lambert and other pirates, provided he secured a tithe of souls for The Deep[9]. He continued in this capacity, working as one of the causes for ship disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, until July 2006. At this point, he was approached by The Two and informed that Ingrid was a selkie who was being controlled by Lambert, and that she was still alive[10]. He offered Benedict and Akshainie a ride to Iravati if they would first collect Ingrid's pelt from Lambert's grave[11], since he could not step ashore[7]. They agreed, and on recovering the pelt and delivering it to Tidh, he summoned Ingrid and returned the pelt to her[12]. Tidh and Ingrid then delivered Benedict and Akshainie to Iravati and set out to secure Tidh's freedom from his oath to The Deep[13].